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Information about Competitive Scholarships & Fellowships on the Internet

The Internet offers several valuable sources of information about fellowships for graduate study.

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Searchable Financial Aid Databases

Although these may be more oriented toward undergraduate financial aid, they also include graduate funding sources.

LGBTQ Scholarships

Helpful Advice

 University-Based Search Sites

Several research universities offer extensive information about fellowships. Although some of the fellowships are limited to students at that particular university, other fellowships may be applied for by students from any college or university. In some cases, fellowships are organized according to field of study or types of student (e.g., women, minorities, disabled, international).

Further Reading

  • Nationally Competitive Scholarships: Serving Students and the Public Good
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  • Leading the Way: Student Engagement and National Competitive Scholarships
    Written by Suzzane McCray, ISBN: 1557289182
  • All In: Expanding Access through Nationally Competitive Awards
    Written by Suzzane McCray, ISBN: 9781557286406
  • The Lucky Few and the Worthy Many: Scholarship Competitions and the World’s Future Leaders
    Written by Warren Ilchman, ISBN: 9780253344762
  • Narcissism and Philantrophy: Ideas and Talent Denied
    Written by Gerald Freund, ISBN: 9780670864683

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